Hello Neighbor. With the condo board elections on the horizon, this website is dedicated to adding some transparency to the inner workings of our building. If you would like to contribute in the vein, please e-mail your article to 5901TBN@gmail.com and one of the editors will post it. We will not publish your name unless you specifically request that we do. Click on the links above for an overview, and stay tuned for frequent updates.

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2 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Gary Brown says:

    Isn’t more than 15 years of dictatorship, secrecy, bullying, mismanagement, and loss of propewrty values enough? Owners deserve an honest voice with common sense on the Board for a change!

  2. Gary Brown says:


    A person who has not read the Association’s financial statement is uninformed. A person who has read the Association’s financial statement is misinformed. Take your pick!

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