Rules and Regulations

As you may know, there are plenty of rules and regulations in our building and more to come in the near future for the purpose of winning court cases against certain individuals:

  • Each unit is responsible for a 3 inch drain pipe in our unit walls, be it kitchen or bathroom.   As of now we are responsible for maintaining this due to a court case against one of the unit owners, from whom Mrs. Ingold does not collect a proxy from.
  • We cannot leave town without notifying the board of an alternate address and phone number of  where we’re staying. You may ask why…because of a court case against a unit owner.
  • We need a city sticker or there will be a fine according to a new rule…. now the board is a police for the city of Chicago. But those owners who register their cars out of state or out of the city to avoid taxes or higher insurance premiums are exempt. You may ask why… a court case against one individual and the proxy for Mrs. Ingold’s board.
  • You may not leave your car in the garage for extended period of time but individuals can block a parking spot with a canoe for months .You may ask why…that individual knows people on the board and will give up their proxy to Mrs. Ingold’s board on command.
  • We have heard that the board fined a unit owner for a wheelchair in the lobby. Well imagine if you get sick and end up in a wheelchair you will never be able to collect your mail or order pizza. Are people in wheelchairs welcome at TBN? Can they purchase a unit here?
  • We have a rule that limits a dog’s weight. Only 35lb or less dogs are allowed to reside in the building. Well that rule was never enforced but changed to accommodate a few but not all of us. You may ask why… One of the reasons is surrender of proxies, and as we learned  during a board meeting the buyer had large dog and will not purchase unless the dog gets in. Board voted on post factum. Also I may add a board member has a large dog as well not “grandfathered” yet.

To conclude there are more instances of applying the rules to some and not the others. Such approach of governing creates two classes of citizens.  We live in the USA luckily so let’s change that.

Do not be afraid to speak up for the others and do not let this nonsense go on.

Please get involved it is your home and we all have financial interests here.

The more restrictive the environment the board creates the more the value of our properties will decrease.

[Contributed Article]

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