Candidate Statements

You can take a look at the statements of the candidates running for the board by clicking the resource link on the top right of this page. These statements do not give much indication of the candidates’ suitability for the board, and warrant a number of questions:

Mrs. Ingold:

  • You would like to continue the policies of the last 17 years. Would you be willing to change some of your policies, such as making all building finances available to unit owners upon request?
  • Our base monthly assessments are certainly the lowest on Sheridan Road. However, our total monthly assessments have been on par with our neighbors for years, but without facilities they get like 24 hour security, gym, recreation room, heated parking etc. When do you estimate the special assessments will end, given that we now need new elevators, a new roof and have almost no reserves?
  • You are certainly very responsive to unit owners. However, that response is usually ‘no’ or a threatening letter from the board lawyer, Ellis Levin. Are you willing to actually listen to unit owners and consider their opinions?

Mr. Tatera:

  • You have stated that you are running for the board because you would like to ‘help ensure the consistency of the building’. Is this a euphemism for allowing current management to continue business as usual? If not, please clarify this statement.
  • Could you please let us know your qualifications for managing the building’s finances. How much accounting have you studied in college, and how does your job as a food inspector qualify you to be the building’s treasurer and manage the assessments we all submit every month?
  • Would you be willing to increase the transparency of the building’s financial dealings?

Ms. McCarty:

  • You claim experienced board members ‘bring strength and stability’ to the board. Would you consider the building to be financially strong or stable after having served on the board?
  • What are some suggestions for saving money in these financially difficult times?
  • You mentioned in your statement that some people have been making false claims about how the building is being managed. This website has tried to stick to the facts, and we promise to publish (without edits) any article you submit which brings to light these ‘false claims’. All you have to do is send us an e-mail.

Mr. Goglin:

  • We have been hemorrhaging money for the last few years, and have a number of short sales and foreclosures in the building. What do you propose we do to stem this trend?

Ms. Dyrssen:

  • There seem to be a lot of people who are unhappy with the way the building is being managed. What would you consider to be the best interest of the building?
  • Which building policies have you taken a stand on in this past two year term and voted ‘objectively’ but not with the majority?

Mr. Bogden:

  • How do you propose to improve the quality of life in the building?
  • How do you plan on making management more transparent?

Ms. Richmond:

  • How many board meetings have you been to? This is important so you are not blindsided by how our present board runs and are not bulldozed when offering a dissenting opinion.
  • What are your proposals for increasing the value and safety of the building?

On a side note, last election Mrs. Ingold persuaded Ms. Marcucci (who, much like Ms. Richmond, was a new owner who had never been to a board meeting) to run for the board as a way to siphon off votes away from those candidates who Mrs. Ingold feels will stand up to her and hamper the way she is running the building because they understand how she operates. Ms. Marcucci played her part and then resigned from the board after a couple of months claiming ill health. The board then decided to not fill in that position, playing into Mrs. Ingold’s plan perfectly.

We’re sure Ms. Marcucci had the best of intentions to make improvements, as Ms. Richmond probably also has. However, we hope Ms. Richmond knows what she is getting in to, and will be able to stand up to the very high pressure Mrs. Ingold exerts on board members to keep them in line. Perhaps Ms. Richmond should speak to Ms. Marcucci for some insight.


Mrs. Ingold has manipulated the vote using the proxies she collects to bar people who openly speak up against the way she runs the building. Mr. Bogden has been attempting to get on the board for the last 5 years, but Mrs. Ingold does not want him anywhere near the board because she knows he has the knowledge and motivation to put a stop to her backhanded management tactics. All current board members tow this line.

We would not be surprised if Mrs. Ingold has invited Ms. Richmond to join the board much like she did Ms. Marcucci in order to siphon votes away from Mr. Bogden. If unit owners decide to not give up their proxies, Mrs. Ingold will offer them some ‘friendly advice’ on how to vote. Mrs. Ingold will also use the proxies she has already started to amass to ensure Ms. Richmond’s nomination. (Ms. Marcucci got the most votes of any candidate last year even though few people knew her!) If this is the case, it has no ill bearing on Ms. Richmond’s character (we are sure she means well.) She is just the unfortunate pawn in Mrs. Ingold’s election strategy much like Ms. Marcucci was last year.

There are 6 open seats on the board and 7 candidates. It is up to you to choose which 6 get elected. If you give up your proxy to Mrs. Ingold, the results of the election are as good as sealed. If this is not in line with your wishes, please ensure you vote at the election, or you assign someone you trust as your proxy.

Candidates should feel free to reply by posting a comment, using the building’s message board or e-mailing: Your responses to these questions will be published without any edits.

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3 Responses to Candidate Statements

  1. Gary Brown says:

    Once again this year, the fix is in. The highly-paid office clerk has persuaded another pidgeon (Ms. Richmond) to be a candidate in order to forestall election of the only candidate (Bogdan) with courage to ask a question or raise an objection at a Board meeting. Owners deserve to have an honest, objective voice on the Board for a change.

  2. 5901tbn says:

    A unit owner pointed out that there are 6 open positions on the board and 7 candidates (not 6 candidates as incorrectly stated), and the article has been updated to reflect this. Thank you for letting us know.

  3. Bogdan says:

    the most obvious are the elevators.the elderly can not leave or get to their residences ,
    families with children are affected and pets alike who reside in the building.
    that is quality of life .that issue has to be addressed today

    first, the board shall inform all owners about current affairs so no questions will arise. information is the key element to maintain a healthy community.there shall be no politics involved.. our building is our common interest.budget process shall include owners participation in a constructive and productive meetings prior to budget proposal.

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