Board Elections Tomorrow!

Board elections are tomorrow (Tuesday April 26, 2011)! If you want to cast a vote, please be at the Church of the Atonement before 7pm, as Mrs. Ingold has voting closed before the meeting commences (which is an arbitrary time between 7pm and 7:30pm), and remember bring a valid photo ID.

The meeting is going to be held is a few minutes’ walk away from TBN. The address is:

The Church of the Atonement
5749 North Kenmore Ave,
Chicago, IL 60660

Click on the notice of annual meeting link at the top right of this page for further details.

If past years are any indication, please expect to have to cast your vote prior to being introduced to the candidates. Also, do not expect for a chance to hear but a brief statement from the candidates or to have an opportunity to ask them any questions.

For those of you who are coming to your first meeting, please do share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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1 Response to Board Elections Tomorrow!

  1. Gary Brown says:

    There has not been a fair election in more than 10 years as the result of manipulation by the present administration and the relative few owners who attend the annual meeting. Therefore, it is critical for owners who are fed up with the dictatorship, secrecy, bullying, mismanagement, and loss of property values under which they have been living to make every effort to attend the meeting and vote for change.

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