How long does it take to count to 160?

Board elections took place a week ago, and we still do not have the results. Rumor has it that the delay is because proxy votes that came in at the last minute have to be verified. Mrs. Ingold was very hard at work collecting proxies, especially in the days after the ‘recommended’ last day to turn in a proxy vote. She spent most of each day (including afternoon and evening hours on some days) glued to the security cameras in her office, and was occasionally seen rushing to the main lobby to solicit proxy votes. She also worked the package room during regular evening hours (which is the job we pay Ms. McCarty to do.)

Mrs. Ingold was also seen knocking on doors of a number of residents after election day. However only she and the owners whose doors were knocked on would know the nature of her visit. Perhaps she just had an strong urge to say a friendly hello to those neighbors who abstained from voting. If you got such a visit and would like to share, please write a comment or send us an e-mail.

All of this begs the question: Why are Mrs. Ingold and Mr. Levin (the board lawyer) working so hard to keep a single individual from getting onto a nine person board? (Five of the six candidates she supports are guaranteed a position on the board, since there were only 7 candidates for 6 seats.)

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13 Responses to How long does it take to count to 160?

  1. Gary Brown says:

    She who controls the past controls the future. Dictatorships survive by not allowing a crack in the veneer.

  2. NO TO DICTATOR says:

    Building 5858 N.Sheridan,( across the street) there roof was replaced 2 years ago and cost around $45 000 !!!!!
    Ok its smaller building than TBN but prices from $200 000- $500 000, are not right.
    Several contractors can give estimated prices from street, and I seriously doubt that someone is not pocketing big commission .

  3. Our roof looks roughly about 2.5 times bigger than that of 5858 N. Sheridan. The following link shows this:

    Thus, we should be paying well under $150,000 for our roof, especially since construction companies are being hit pretty hard by the economy. If the previous comment is accurate, $200,000 – $500,000 seems criminal.

  4. BOB says:

    This is just unbelivable !
    This is the worst building that I have ever lived in, regards to managment coruption.

  5. 5901 TBN Guest says:

    We should start looking for a good lawyer! I’m sure there is some out there that would be wiling to help, first let’s get some journalist involved.

  6. Speakup529 says:

    Wow, I can’t believe how long it is taking for this tally! Someone must have been pretty close for Mrs. Ingold and her partner in crime, Ellis Levin to keep trying to get votes after it closed. I saw a sign last night that said there was a meeting tomorrow at 7:30 to elect the new board. Today it was GONE. Is the meeting still scheduled? She is desperate to keep her position at the top of the pecking order. She will be pecking you and me until our wallets runs dry!
    Really, does anyone know of a lawyer or a journalist who is not afraid? Pubic attention should put some light on this situation once and for all. Wouldn’t it be nice to not to worry about this crap anymore? We cannot continue to watch her undermine us right in front of our faces. If anyone wants to keep this dictator out now and forever please speak up. I am. If we can voice our experiences and the illegal activities she has done to us and with our money we can win if, we find the right lawyer. Do you know one?

  7. 5901 TBN Guest says:

    I will try to talk to some journalists, friend of mine.this is enough! I cant watch this anymore!

  8. 5901 TBN Guest says:

    And look at those puppets on the Board! How can they sleep at night?
    They are pretending like everything is fine and legal…..where is their self respect?

    • Speakup529 says:

      What I saw at the meeting was scary. Mrs. Ingold went from calling us all family to attacking some unit owners and yelling at them that they were “dissidents,” when they asked her simple questions. Saying they should stop calling the city to file complaints. I saw attack after attack on unit owners, with no defense from any of the board members. They just stared into space looking and attacking us for the dissidents we are. Then went on to tell us that we needed a new roof and elevator. After that, she explained how our credit was great and that she was going to open a line of credit. Then I heard, “Meeting Ajourned,” seconded by the oh so silent Walter Tatera.

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      A dissident, broadly defined, is a person who actively challenges an established doctrine, policy, or institution. When dissidents unite for a common cause they often effect a dissident movement.
      The noun was first used in the political sense in 1940, with the rise of such authoritarian systems as the Soviet Union

  9. Veritas says:

    Quick to ask for the proxy, but taking so long to count. Such blatent cheating is disgusting. It is time to not only hold Mrs. Ingold but the rest of the board accountable as well. The board memebers who claim to be overpowerd and not have a voice are at fault as well. If you feel you do not have a voice, dont run!

  10. Veritas says:

    There is no point looking for a good lawyer yet… Mrs Ingold would be more than happy to fight us in court WITH OUR MONEY (as she has done so in the past). We first have to find a way to remove her and her cronies (Mr. levin, Ms. McCarty etc).

  11. Bogdan says:

    The ballots should be counted by election judges at the meeting just after the voting part of the meeting is closed.
    I have sampled eight associations as small as six units and as large as 640 units and they count ballots themselves at the annual meeting and the results are verified by an accounting firm later.
    It took a bit over two hours to count last night.(I was present as a candidate)
    Our election process is antiquated and redundant in it’s design,confusing to some so mistakes are unavoidable and some ballots are invalid unless you give a proxy to a veteran voter .
    I did say that I will work toward simplifying the process to enhance broader participation of unit owners though making it harder to tamper with.

    Results are posted now and confusing again since in our association we vote by percentage interest not by the number of votes . Both figures are included in the accountant’s letter.Well ,there is a lot of work to be done and I am so happy that more people are paying attention.

    Thank you!!!

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