Election Results

The election results have finally been ‘tabulated by Computer Accounting Service Inc.’, and are as follows:

1 Sigrid Ingold 19.069% 23.36%
2 Walter Tatera 14.505% 17.77%
3 Catherine McCarty 14.362% 17.60%
4 Mary Dyrssen 13.790% 16.90%
5 Bogdan Bogdan 12.119% 14.87%
6 David Goglin 5.183% 6.35%
7 Tammy Richmond 2.587% 3.17%
Total   81.615% 100.02%

 The candidates who received the top six highest number of votes are your ‘new’ board members.

For those who are confused by the above table, the second column indicates the percentage of votes received out of the total possible votes that could be cast, while the third column indicates the percentage of votes received out of the votes actually cast.

Two things can be gleaned from these results:

  1. It seems like approx. 18.5% of unit owners (approx. 30 units) abstained from voting.
  2. Someone at Computer Accounting Service Inc. does not know how to add.
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1 Response to Election Results

  1. Gary Brown says:

    One chink in the armor this year, two more next year!

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