Meeting to Discuss the Roof Repair (Thursday, June 16 at 7pm)

A ceiling leak in one of the units on the 16th floor was reported last year, but no action was taken by the board and no mention was made of it during the annual meeting, where TBN was shown to be a problem free building. However, during this meeting we were informed by Mrs. Ingold (the president of the condo board and building manager) that she has determined that we need a new roof.

The board granted the contract to replace/repair our roof  after considering a single valid bid. The other two bids considered were dated 08/2010 and 01/2011, and are therefore no longer valid. Interestingly, the bid that was awarded the contract was the most expensive of the three bids.

There has been no preliminary investigation or testing to determine where the water is originating from, or even if a complete roof replacement is warranted. Nor has the board drafted any specifications for the roof work. Because of this, each contracting company’s bid was for a different roof system and different materials. Even if all three bids had been valid, they are for different types of roofing material and different replacement processes, making it impossible to fairly compare one bid against the other.

Over 25% of the TBN unit owners have signed a petition requesting the board to hold a meeting on Thursday, June 16 at 7pm to hear a presentation from Pine Roofing, and to answer questions on the pending Capital Improvement with the intent that a second proposal will allow the board to make an informed decision.

Please attend if you would like to assert your opinion, or if you would like the pool opened this summer (since we lack the funds to begin the roof project, and it is unlikely that banks will give us a loan with great haste).

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