The Meeting to Discuss Roof Repair Deemed Illegal

Mrs. Ingold and Ellis Levin were successful in thwarting the meeting of unit owners last Thursday. According to Levin, it would be illegal to grant the petition to call a meeting of TBN owners and board members because:

  1. At least 10 and not more than 30 days prior notice must be given, so not enough notice was given.
  2. Three board members must call the meeting, not two.
  3. At least one board member must be on the prevailing side (Robert’s Rule), and should be the one to call the meeting.

The meeting was being called only to bring to light additional information for the board members to consider, and to present some ideas for how to keep the pool open this summer. If the board deemed the current bid to still be superior and that none of the suggestions to keep the pool open were worthwhile, they would not be compelled to change anything.

If just *ONE* of the board members who voted for the current bid (Mr. Tatera (11C), Mr. Sieber(11K), Ms. Dyrssen(6H), Ms. Miarecki(2A), Mr. Goglin(7A) or Mr. Sanes(7B) – of course Mrs. Ingold abstained from voting) were to call the meeting in 10 days, all the requirements to call the meeting would be met.

We should all speak to these board members if an opportunity arises and request them to call the meeting. At the very least, you will find out why they are against potentially saving themselves and other unit owners many additional months of special assessments, and are against receiving additional data for making a more informed decision. Of course, if they are too self serving or emasculated to do anything, do remember this before you give your proxy votes to Mrs. Ingold and Mr. Tatera, or abstain from voting, because these are the people selected by Mrs. Ingold to represent you. It ends up costing a lot more than just your peace of mind.

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1 Response to The Meeting to Discuss Roof Repair Deemed Illegal

  1. Detained@TBN says:

    Emasculated is the perfect description for the majority of the Board.
    I’m not sure 7/9 of them can read anyway.
    They are just following the puppetmaster (and her “legal” advisor)…… they don’t have the capability to do anything on their own.

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