Requirements for Reserving the Recreation Room

Mr. Bogdan, one of the members of the TBN condo board, verbally requested permission from the building manager, Mrs. Ingold (who is also the president of the board and a resident unit owner) to use the recreation room for a community meeting. In response to this request, Mrs. Ingold commissioned Ellis Levin, the board’s lawyer, to write a letter which you can view by clicking on this link.

According to the letter, the requirements for a unit owner to be granted “consideration for permission” to use the recreation room (and by the way, according the letter, the official name of the room is “The Board Meeting Room”, not the recreation room as advertised in every building listing that led to a unit purchase in this building) must be made in writing and must include:

  1. The names of all the people making the request
  2. The purpose of the “activity”
  3. The reason for requesting the room
  4. The means of notifying said invitees
  5. The names of any non-residents who will attend
  6. The total number of people who will occupy the room

After these requirements are met, the board’s LAWYER, Ellis Levin, will decide if a resident can book the room. Obviously, there will also be an exorbitant (and arbitrary) fee attached to this usage, and the board will need to pay Levin to ‘consider’ the request.

This has crossed the line of ridiculousness. What lengths will Mrs. Ingold and Levin go to stop residents from talking amongst themselves, whether it is to consider less expensive bids to repair the roof, or to proffer suggestions to keep the pool open this summer. Why are the two of them so strongly in favor of maintaining the most expensive bid made to repair the roof?

Before Mrs. Ingold took office back in the 90s, the recreation room could be rented by any single unit owner for a nominal deposit without these stifling requirements. Can you imagine what an owner would need to do to reserve the room for a child’s birthday party?

As long as a single unit owner reserves the room and puts down a security deposit, what business is it of the board to know why the room is being reserved, how people will be notified or the names of the people who will attend? Who is Ellis Levin to pass judgement deeming an event worthy of the room? As long as there are no more people in the room than the fire code permits, the room with all it’s gaudy furniture should be available to any unit owner.

Wake up, neighbors. This is clear evidence of what happens when you give up your proxy vote to Mrs. Ingold or Mr. Tatera, or choose to be passive and not vote.

Do you not see what is going on? If enough residents feel that the board does not represent their wishes, why wait till their term is over. When their actions became evident, we did not have to wait for either Ryan or Blagojevich to complete their terms, and we are just talking about a condo board here.

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2 Responses to Requirements for Reserving the Recreation Room

  1. Speakup529 says:

    Well, it’s about time someone said it. I agree. How much longer before ALL of us that are truly unsatisfied DO something. I am angry with how our money is being spent and how Mrs. Ingold and the Board treats us like their own personal ATMS, without a RECEIPT!!!!

    I say we PINK SLIP THEM-ONE BY ONE!!!! Mrs. Ingold FIRST!
    2/3 of us just have to say “NO,” no more bull, no more bucks!
    Let’s petition for THAT!

  2. Uam7 says:

    I am sick and tired of swallow all this ridiculous rules and threats.
    How long? Till when? Is completely illegal to hold her chair in the board for so many years, just because there is no other source of profit and that Levin sucks!
    We have to get the help of the tv and news papers to them in shame.

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