Ellis Levin strikes again!

There are only 8 board members serving at present because sadly Ms. Joan Miareckiy, the vice president of the board and long time Ingold supporter passed away in July. However, when Mr. Bogdan and Ms. McCarthy called for a closed meeting of the Board on August 30, 2011 to discuss misconduct of the building manager, Mrs. Ingold, (which can be done when 25% of the board makes the requests) the condo lawyer Ellis Levin determined they did not constitute 25% of the board. The last time we checked,(2/8)*100 = 25%. Additionally, none of our cowardly, rubber stamp board showed up to the meeting. Do ask them why when you next run into them, as we would all be interested to hear their reasons.

A meeting of the board has been announced for this Thursday (September 1, 2011) at 8pm. We would not be surprised if Mrs. Ingold tries to bring a new rubber stamp member to the board (without any owner voting, of course) so she can tip her rubber stamp board member ratio back to above 75% so such an incident does not happen again. She is also going to announce how she has decided to pay for the upcoming roofing project.

There has been no board meeting to determine how the association is going to pay for the upcoming roofing project. Additionally, no consideration was granted to look at less expensive bids for the project, and Ellis Levin and Mrs. Ingold actively prevented a meeting organized by Ms. McCarthy and Mr. Bogdan to look at less expensive bids for the roof project from taking place by sending threatening litigious letters. The bid was accepted by the rubber stamp board members because Mrs. Ingold determined that: “I have worked with this contracting company before, and they are very good”. Needless to say, they are by far the most expensive (by over $100,000) of the three bids that were proffered.

When Ms. McCarthy and Mr. Bogden have tried to reason with Mrs. Ingold, Mrs. Ingold has stonewalled them, fined them and has had Levin threaten them with legal action if they even try to speak to her. Of course owners like us end up paying Mr. Levin for these letters through our association dues. Now, according to Levin’s letters (which you can read by clicking the links in this post), if Mr. Bogden or Ms. McCarthy speak to Mrs. Ingold outside of a board meeting, they are exposing themselves to fines and can even be taken to court for harassment. Bravo, Mrs. Ingold and Ellis Levin. This is an even more brazen attempt to attempt to silence those who are trying to improve our condo’s situation than most people would have expected!

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4 Responses to Ellis Levin strikes again!

  1. David Deverick says:

    Business as usual.

  2. detained@TBN says:

    In reference to “Notice of Violation – Harassment or Interference with Members of the Board’, addressed to: Ms Katherine McCarthy, dated August 29, 2011
    Who determined the board president was being harassed? The board president?
    So this is how things go here; when the board president feels like fining someone she contacts the lawyer, he writes a letter (at our expense) and another unfortunate resident of TBN gets fined,
    whether it is justified nor not.
    What does being over 70 years old have to do with anything, if you don’t feel comfortable at your job then you leave.
    As stated in page 2, paragraph 2 of the above letter “since this is a pattern of concerted actions taken by yourself and Bogdan Bogdan to systematically harass and interfere with the ability of the President of the Condominium to implement Board policy and carry on the day to day operations of the Association”–what pattern? Is there documentation of the pattern?
    Who decided necessity of the fine and the amount (“plus attorney fees incurred by the Association in enforcing its Rules and Regulations”).
    The “lawyer” and the board president/self acclaimed harassee?
    Now we have the “lawyer” and board president “enforcing the rules and regulations”
    Maybe Sherriff Tom Dart is available to come here also to make sure none of the residents are out of line.
    Note to Ellis Levin: accused board member’s first and last name are spelled incorrectly, obvioulsy attention to detail is not important to TBN or it’s employees.
    Maybe you can work on get the spelling correct in the future.

  3. Gary Brown says:

    This bullying and dictatorship must stop!

  4. Gary Brown says:

    Of course the office clerk commissioned the attorney to write a letter because the office clerk refuses to learn how to use a keyboard. Why should property owners be required to pay an office clerk who can not compose or type a simple letter the equivalent of $95,000. per year as well as pay her attorney/assistant, too?

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