Questions Regarding the 2012 Budget

The 2012 budget was distributed to unit owners on October 20, 2011 and will be voted on by our board during the board meeting on December 1, 2011. Two board members, Mr. Bogdan and Ms. McCarty, have compiled a number of questions regarding discrepancies and issues with this budget.

Much like the budgets from years past, it seems obvious that very little thought has gone into this year’s proposed budget, and most of the numbers do not add up or make sense. Additionally, we have not been given any income or cash flow statements to see if our actuals match last years budget, or by how much we are off.

Unfortunately, we would not be surprised if our rubber stamp board passes it with little fanfare. If you happen across any board members, we encourage you to try to get answers to these questions. One would hope they have some answers, since they will be voting on this budget in a few weeks.

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1 Response to Questions Regarding the 2012 Budget

  1. Gary Brown says:

    tThe Accountant’s Complilation Report received recently shows why the office bookkeeper refuses to let anyone see any financial records. For instance, the report shows that owners contributed $4,325 to a holiday fund. Only $3,405 (including $60 to a restaurant) was distributed. $920, or 21% of the money, is unaccounted for. Is it possible the balance made it into the bookkeeper’s pocket and not reported? Of the amount distributed, $1,900 or 44% went to the janitor. Another member of the janitor’s family was paid $300, making a total of 51% of the fund going to the janitor.

    Do the above statistics reflect what owners who contributed to the fund had in mind when they contributed?

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