Mechanics Lien Claim

Mrs. Ingold, the president of the condo board, building manager and self professed “condominium expert” has failed us again. Not only did she push through Savemax to perform the balcony repair disregarding competing bids (much like our roof work), but now she has failed to inform residents about the mechanics lien Savemax has filed against our building on November 4, 2011.

According to the Illinois Condominium Act Section 18.4(r), all residents should have received information regarding the mechanics lien claim within 7 days of service. Did letting the owner/share holders know about this lien just slip Mrs. Ingold’s mind, or was it inconvenient timing as she was already going to deliver enough bad news via the 2012 budget? Also, when is she going to officially let owners know about it?

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1 Response to Mechanics Lien Claim

  1. wittheld says:

    Typical, for years Mrs. Ingold has relied on no one paying attention to what goes on here, perhaps this is yet another wake up call that we should all start?

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