Clarified Voting Instructions

The voting instructions and final reminder of the annual meeting were recently published. It seems like the Mrs. Ingold has tried to make them as confusing as possible. Here are some points to keep in mind:

1) Voting in person cancels out any proxy you may have previously surrendered. Just show up on election day, cross out the word “proxy” on the sign up sheet and sign next to it. Then carefully fill out and submit a regular ballot.

2) Make sure you fill in you name, unit number and the correct date (May 1, 2012) and signature, or your vote will be thrown out.

3) Since there are four open seats on the board, each unit gets four votes.

4) You DO NOT have to vote for four candidates. You can choose to only vote for one or two candidates if you desire.

5) If you only want to vote for a single candidate, put a single “X” in front of the candidate’s name. That candidate will receive all four of your votes. Do not put any “X”s in front of any other candidate’s names.

6) If you would like to vote for two candidates, put a single “X” in front of each of their names. Do not put additional “X”s in front of any other names. This will effectively give two votes to each of the candidates.

7) Do not put more than four “X”s on your ballot or else it will be voided.

If you are not going to be available to come to the meeting, you can submit a proxy ballot till election day! Although your vote will be counted as long as the proxy is valid, it will not be put directly into the ballot box, and will be subject to further scrutiny for “verification” (and could possibly be misplaced on its way to the accountant). However, it’s better to take this chance than to not participate in the vote. Click here for a blank proxy form, and click here for instructions to fill out the proxy. Please not that if the person you designate as your proxy does not sign the form, it will be deemed invalid.

This is the one time in the year where we as unit owners are empowered to affect change. Let’s all make sure our voices are heard and our votes are counted!

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1 Response to Clarified Voting Instructions

  1. Gary Brown says:

    Let’s talk facts here. Three candidates (Goglin, Perham, and Sieber) are incumbents and puppets for Ingold. A vote for any of them is a vote to continue intolerable conditions under which owners have been forced to live. The only chance for change and improvement is to concentrate votes for Ghaefar and Richmond. The stakes are too high to do otherwise.

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