This website is for the owners to voice their opinions and to share the piecemeal knowledge and anecdotes we each have with all our neighbors. Watch for updates or submit an article by e-mailing: 5901tbn@gmail.com .The building manager and current board have a mouthpiece, financed by all of us: they have access to a lawyer, are able to legally place notes under our doors and speak to owners when they walk by the office. The building manager openly berates and targets (with slander and fines) those residents who question or stand up to her, and makes unsubstantiated accusations about them.

Another objective of this website is to help inform residents of TBN, many who are new to the building, of an alternate perspective of how the building is being run. The coming elections will vote in 6 board members, and each of you has the opportunity to change the composition of the board if you feel that you are not being properly represented or are being taken advantage of.

This is also a forum for residents to communicate with each other. Please feel free to comment on the articles using the forms underneath each one. If you would like to submit an article, please e-mail it to: 5901TBN@gmail.com and we will add it in. If there are any mistakes, misrepresentations or missing information, please e-mail us and one of us will make the appropriate changes. If you want to be informed when an update is made, fill out the form at the bottom of the page and you will be sent an e-mail, or just send us an e-mail with a one line request.

We also have a messaged board: http://5901TBN.ProBoards.com/ which is a forum for discussion, suggestions for improvements to the building and those for increasing the equity in our building, compiling punch lists, venting frustrations etc. You do not have to disclose your real name if you wish to preserve your anonymity, but you do have to create an account if you wish to write to it.

The president of the condo association/building manager has been on the board for almost two decades and has stayed in power as the president for the last 15 years by demanding proxy votes from owners. She is able to collect up to 70% of the proxy votes from the unit owners by either intimidation, guile (by playing on your sympathies) or favors (superior parking spots, amnesty from fines, bending some laws etc.) This allows her to balance out votes among her cronies, hand picking either people who are on the same page as her or are too old or quiet to speak up. Do not give up your proxy vote! Complacent or fearful unit owners who just want to carry on with their lives have been made irrelevant by their silence, and have further empowered her and her board. Surrendering proxy votes has allowed her to run our building as if she own everything in it including us.

We have lost tremendous equity over the past few years, and the provided budget indicates that we are hemorrhaging money, but it is still not too late to do something about it. We need to elect people who are open to fresh ideas, and not the current “business as usual”

We are not advocating which way to vote in the upcoming elections, but we are encouraging you to:
(1) Not give up your proxy vote
(2) Start coming to board meetings and see how this building is being run
(3) Vote for whoever you think best represents you and will improve our living environment. Don’t just surrender the power to select the people who have great influence over the most valuable assets you have – your home and peace of mind.

We believe it to be imprudent to reveal our identities because both the president of the board/building manager and her lawyer, Mr. Ellis Levin have a track record of targeting those people who stand in the way of their power. Here is an example of Mr. Levin’s tactics at another condo from where he was eventually fired as the association lawyer:



5 Responses to About

  1. Bogdan says:

    Great I hope people will get it.There are a lot of owners venting over not working elevators ,the 30% increase in assessments etc. but still give board president the proxy in fear of fines.
    There is a group of few “fearless” in the building and I hope the group will grow.

    I hope this forum will help to give owners some information since our board prefers to withhold most if not all . Thats the opportunity.


  2. David Deverick says:

    Any person who relinquishes their vote by giving Ziggy their proxy should have the heads examined. I know plenty about her and how she does things and none of it’s good.


  3. Gary Brown says:

    Why should we be forced to pay the equivalent of $90,000 per year to an office clerk who can’t type? Collecting assessment checks, paying bills, and maintaining files are low-level skills meriting low-level compensation.

  4. My God. This building–a block from my synagogue (God help me, my partner and I had even considered moving here!) sounds just like Marina City, where I’ve lived for the past 6 years. Levin was a nightmare, and the cronyism here with the (also female) board president was–and still is–sickening. None of what I’ve read on this site is anything less than believable to me. We went through all of this with Levin at Marina City for years. In my opinion, he is totally corrupt and only out for himself and his bottom line.

  5. Denise Conant says:

    Thanks for all the hard work you do to improve our building and make us aware of the TRUTH!

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