Our Board

Our board consists of 9 people, 8 who were incumbents from last term:

Name Unit Role
Sigrid G. Ingold 11B & D President, Building Manager (paid position), Lock outs
Walter Tatera 11C Treasurer, Chairman of the Garage committee, Lock outs, Mail Room Attendant (paid position)
Ted Sieber 11K
Joan Miareckiy 2A Vice President
Mary Dyrssen 6H Garage Committee
David Goglin 7A Secretary, Garage Committee
Cathy McCarty 5H
Bogden Bogden 15J
David Sanes 7B

The board has been handpicked by Mrs. Ingold for the last 17 years. She is able to do this by demanding proxy votes from unit owners through intimidation, guile or favors. By having approximately 70% of the proxy votes in hand, she is able to balance out the votes in order to ensure only those people are on the board who are sympathetic to her style of management, or are too meek to stand up to her so she can control them and use them as “rubber stamps”.

If unit owners ever ask Mrs. Ingold a question during a board meeting or request clarification over expenses she has paid out, and she wants to dodge the question, board members (most notably Mr. Tatera and Ms. McCarty) come to her rescue by requesting a vote of confidence for the measure and seconding it, thereby moving on to the next topic up for vote.

The board often meets in private before open meetings, and it is not clear what they discuss, but there is minimal discussion during the open meeting that follows, and most points are approved as quickly as possible so there is no room for discussion or questions.


5 Responses to Our Board

  1. Bogdan says:

    Our board is selected not elected in my opinion because the the president holds the approx.70% of the proxy votes and the members of the board are “recycled” if they vote along .
    According to the Condo Act the officers shall have a two year term limit so the president shall be replaced every two years.Not at TBN …the rules t are for you not the board.

  2. Gary Brown says:

    Isn’t more than 15 years of dictatorship, secrecy, bullying, mismanagement, and loss of property values enough? Owners deserve an honest voice with common sense on the Board for a change!

  3. Granny B.P. Switek says:

    It is time for the unit owners get with it. We have wasted thousands of dollars, not just on legal fees, but on damage from unrepaired leaks, fines by the city for illegal work and ridiculous expenditures from our fake manager.

    • Detained@TBN says:

      I agree 100%–wake up owners
      The appearance and condition of this building is an embarassment.
      And let’s not forget to give credit to (most of) our Board of Managers–“you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”

  4. Lie 2 Mee says:

    As a unit owner for a dozen years, it never ceases to amaze me the shear number of lies that comes out of a mouth that swears up and down that she doesn’t lie. The truth of the matter is simple, when someone proclaims such an absurb statement, is (and always was) lying and should not be trusted or believed. If other owners think that they are the only ones that hear her stories of personal problems (ie: having to take a paycut and not knowing how to use a computer) to her stories of owners problems (ie: suing owners, evicting owners, no money to pay bills or employee’s), trust me when I say that story hours starts over for the next person to sit in that chair in the office and the same stories are told. And if you think that you are not being talked about, well, guess again. She needs to retire and the re-elected board replaced and if the state has to step in, then so be it…let Levin fend for himself and use the money he earned (legally and otherwise) to bail him and her out for what they have caused over the years.

    Who did she ask you to vote (or not to vote) for? Hmmmm, this is unethical to say the least and borders on illegal. Reading the votes is also illegal, as state law says.

    Also, it is my understanding that we do not elect a president, we elect a board and the board then selects a president after the vote and that is IL Law. If this is so, why does she think she is re-elected?

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