Association Lawyer

The Association’s lawyer’s name is Ellis B. Levin. He can always be found at the side of the condo association president during board meetings.

It is our opinion that he has been instrumental in stifling transparency in the dealings of the building, management and availability of documents. He has also helped the board to amend our condo laws to make them more litigious, so that it is easier to punish unit owners who do not march to the president of the condo association’s drum by suing them. There are currently a number of lawsuits against unit owners pending. He has advised the board to place a veil of secrecy over all condo related matters that should otherwise be available to all owners by IL law (such as footnotes and cash flow statements, which are generated by the our accountants but not released to the owners). All these documents are kept in the President of the Condo Association’s condo unit, not in the management office. Owners have a right under Section 19 of the Condominium Act to inspect and copy the financial books and records of the association. We challenge any owner to attempt to get a copy of these documents. Of course, this helps hide mistakes and possible dishonesty by the board and enriches Mr. Levin with more billable hours. He charges us for every letter and appearance (including his presence at every board meeting), unless explicitly stated by the condo president, and charges a handsome annual fee. Last year he made more than $40,000!!! This fee is equivalent to more than an entire year’s special assessments for almost 15 units in the building!

Mr. Levin has a track record of alleged unethical dealings at other condos where he has served as the association lawyer. For example, he was fired from being the lawyer at the Marina Towers a few years ago, which you can read about in the following two links:

Here is his contact information:

Ellis B. Levin
phone: 773-769-5300
fax: 773-769-5372

In our opinion, Mr. Levin is one of the main causes of many of the troubles faced by unit owners. He needs to be fired, and replaced with a lawyer who is both less expensive and more ethical. Of course, this will never happen with the current management in place.

Believe it or not, now this guy is running for judge in March 2012!


4 Responses to Association Lawyer

  1. Gary Brown says:

    Right-thinking Board members at Thorndale Beach South also fired Levin. Have our legal expenses esculated significantly in an attempt by Levin to recover income lost from clients who terminated his employment? What is his record in court representating TBN or the office clerk? Mostly losses!

  2. Granny B.P. Switek says:

    Have your “legal expenses escalated in an attempt by Levin to recover income lost from clients who terminated his employment?” You pose a question. Is there an answer?

  3. Granny B.P. Switek says:

    I have lived in 2 different associations and have investments in 3 others. I have never seen a board where the lawyer is always present. This must be costing you a fortune. How much do your unit owners pay for legal bills every year?

    From what I hear, you guys should take your president on Jerry Springer.

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