Some Trivia…

(Question) What do Thorndale Beach North, Thorndale Beach South and Marina Towers have in common?

(a) The unit owners are bullied by the board, who elect themselves every year through the collection of proxy votes by intimidating unit owners.
(b) The building management chooses to send unit owners letters from the board lawyer at the drop of a hat, and the latter are then made to pay the lawyer’s fee for said letters (rather than just having a civil conversation with the unit owner or sending a simple warning.)
(c) A significant number of unit owners are in litigation with the building management.
(d) Ellis B. Levin has been the association lawyer for each of the three buildings.
(e) All of the above.

If you guessed (e), give yourself a pat on the back! However, the unit owners of both TBS and Marina Towers eventually came to their senses, changed their board and fired Levin. It takes but a few minutes with your favorite search engine to find all kinds of interesting facts about Mr. Levin. Here are some links to get you started:

Click on this link to see how Ellis B. Levin tried to stifle freedom of speech by fining two residents of Marina City $2000 for setting up a website about their building without the endorsement of the building association. If you don’t want to read the entire page, just search for the word ‘Levin’. His tactics for trying to silence unit owners with threatening letters and absurd fines is very similar to those employed at TBN. You can actually read the letter that he sent by clicking on this link (so you can get a taste of what you can possibly expect if he remains the TBN board lawyer.)

Here’s an example of an idiotic and vague law he has helped draft, in an attempt to crack down on unit owners who want to expose building management at Marina City for what it was.

Mr. Levin was eventually fired from Marina City. The two links detailing this can be found by following the ‘Association Lawyer’ link at the very top of this page, along with some additional information.

At each building, Mr. Levin has had a very close relationship with the president of the board. It would be difficult to ascertain if he’s able to make these alliances with his winning personality, giving kickbacks to the respective manager for each hour he bills or for some other reason. However, it’s clear that:

  1. He bills a lot of hours (he charged us over $40,000 last year).
  2. He has helped each of the board presidents maintain their posts over many years using proxy votes from intimidated unit owners.
  3. He advises building management to make all financials and lawsuits we are engaged in unavailable to unit owners.
  4. He helped change each condo’s laws to make them more litigious, thereby making it easier to take unit owners to court.

The only way the other two buildings were able to fire Mr. Levin was to first change the board. If you feel inclined to follow the footsteps of the other building’s unit owners, it’s not too late to at least start the ball rolling in the right direction. The Annual Meeting and election of Directors will be held a few blocks away at 7pm on Tuesday, April 28, 2011. Click on the ‘Notice of Annual Meeting’ link on the top right of this page for details.

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1 Response to Some Trivia…

  1. Bogdan says:

    The Board of Directors at TBS and Marina City were very smart not to renew the contract with Mr. Levin.The reasons were probably the cost of his counselorship direct and indirect.Both Associations did not disclose the details.

    Can we learn and make changes as a community?Not everyone can be persuaded.
    There is a phrase Money Talks and it will soon arrive at your door as an additional or special assessment or both.I hope you will change your mind for whom you vote because “lowest assessments on the block”are distant past so is $2.00 gas.

    Under current management we retained Mr.Levin as a house counsel ,Mary Backer to handle The City of Chicago lawsuit and now the firm of Wilson Elser Moskowitz to defend us in a $110000.00 plus legal costs lawsuit case number 2010-L-014640.The court date is April 25 2011 ,9:00 am ,55 East Washington.
    Mr. Levin has one client less nowadays but we hire attorneys as we got stimulus package from the Congress.
    Well; perhaps the property manager was ill-adviced by the house counsel.

    What else is going on that The board has now hired Wilson Elser Moskowitz???

    Money Talks…save a lot becouse Wilson Elser Moskowitz are not a cheap firm.

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