Elevator Intercoms

The elevator intercoms have been working for the past few weeks. What you may not know is that they are connected to the Janitor’s cell phone. The Janitor lives about 15-20 minutes away (near Western and Peterson), and does not work every day. On the days he does work, he doubles as Mrs. Ingold’s personal chauffeur, and may be far away from the building. Thus, if the elevator gets stuck, you or your loved one could be stuck there for quite a while.

It would be interesting to know what Mrs. Ingold (the building manager, president of the condo association and mastermind behind this great idea) has in mind when the Janitor is ill, on vacation, far away from the building or otherwise occupied.

Additionally, we would like to know how much the Janitor (who is unqualified to be doing anything to the elevators) will be compensated every time he has to recover someone from a stuck elevator. Previously, he was paid $250 per incident every time the elevator stopped working. The services he provided for this sum of money (equivalent to around one month’s assessment) was to push a button on the roof which reset the elevator — another task he is entirely unqualified to do as he is not an elevator engineer. In the past he has been paid over $1500 in a single month for these button presses!)

When we purchased our units, we were told there would be an on-site building engineer who lives in the apartment next to the office on the first floor. If the current Janitor does not want to or is unable to live in the building, it should be the board’s fiduciary duty to hire someone else who will. It’s a matter of safety.

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